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Kitty's Escorts

Hello, I am Kitty, one of the pioneering escort/outcall service providers in Beijing. Welcome to my blog, friends!

Whether you’re just planning a trip to Beijing, or already be here, simply contact me and I can arrange for you an unforgettable evening with one of my ladies filled with excitement and passion.

‘Kitty’s Escorts’ is a well established escort/outcall service brand, with a strong reputation and high service standard that is second to none. My girls are carefully selected, all of them are open-minded and well-mannered with cheerful personalities. The most important thing is that my girls will be well trained before working under my team. So service quality and your satisfactions will certainly be totally guaranteed.

Just tell me your requirements and I’ll then let you know if there’s any who fits your requirements. If yes, you’ll be asked to provide the front desk phone number of your hotel, room number and registered name. It’s a MUST. Then I’ll make a check call to your room to verify you do live in this hotel and this room. A girl fitting your requirements will be then sent right away. Usually it takes her half an hour to one hour to get to your hotel depending upon where your hotel is and how the traffic conditions are. It’s the reason why I suggest you better book 2 or 3 hours earlier than your desired time.

If somehow there is no chemistry between you and my girls, all you need is just pay for her taxi fare(usually 50-100rmb, depending on how far your hotel is), and I will get you a replacement right away.

Below is my contacts:

If you don’t speak Chinese, you can WeChat / WhatsApp me at  +86 135 0130 9019, Email me at escortchina@hotmail.com for enquiry or booking. But please do it before 11:30 pm because I’m sleeping after that time.

If you speak Chinese, just Call / Text my assistant at +86 159 0155 7624, she’ll arrange the session for you. My assistant will go to sleep at 1 am so please contact her before that time.

Note that my blog might sometimes be blocked in China, so please keep my contacts before going to Beijing.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards